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    Bookmarking/Copy & Paste Sheets in 8.1 Not working as Expected

    Matt Lutton

      In Version 8.0, when creating and then opening a bookmarked sheet, I was always given the option to use the existing data source in the workbook, replace with a new connection, etc.  Now, in version 8.1, a new data connection is added every time and this option is no longer given.  I noticed the same behavior when attempting to copy and paste dashboards across workbooks--a new data connection is added every time, even if using the same data connection that is already in the workbook.


      This is slightly annoying and causes me to have to do more work to get the bookmark or copied sheet to work properly inside my workbook.  I do know I can "replace" data sources after the fact, but what happened to the old option to replace or use the existing data source connection???  Has anyone else noticed this?  Am I missing something?