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    Stacked bar 100% overlays reference line?

    Sharon Wavle

      I've created a stacked bar that shows enrollment data broken down by an attribute as selected by the user (a parameter is used for this). I have a reference line to show the total enrollment at the top of each bar. I added percentages on the bars to show the attribute breakdown - they display very nicely as long as an attribute is selected.If the user chooses to not break the data down by attribute, the total is shown in the reference line at the top but the 100% displays on top of the reference line, blurring the total. How can I fix this? See pics for reference:


      Nicely displayed stacked bars with reference line at the top, by academic career with percentages in the bars:

      Tableau stack by career.GIF.gif

      Not so nicely displayed stacked bars with reference line at the top covered by "100%" since no attribute selected yet:

      tableau stack 100.GIF.gif