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    Can new release be compatible with at least the same major version?

    Michel Roberge



      I'm pretty sure I am not the 1st one to voice this.


      A couple of weeks back, we got out OEM release of 8.1. Our development team upgraded to 8.1 to do some tests, and everything went well and smooth for a couple of days.


      Eventually, we got the message from Tableau that there was a major issue with 8.1, and 8.1.1 would follow.


      We decided rolling back to 8.0.6 was going to be a safe choice. What a mistake! To publish to 8.1, we had to "upgrade" our workbooks to 8.1 by re-saving them in the 8.1 desktop version (otherwise publishing wouldn't work - wrong version of workbook it would say). So guess what happened when we went back to 8.0.6? Yes, right, we could not open our workbook anymore. "Wrong workbook version".


      Fortunately, we were able to edit the XML and set the version to the appropriate one, but it was complicated and took some time.


      So, what I would like, is that whenever Tableau releases a new "minor" or "build" version (major.minor.build), workbooks should be backward compatible along the same major build.


      Would that be possible?