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    How to make quick filter selection affect reference line?

    Aiswarya Sundaram

      Hi All,


      Kindly check the attached workbook.


      Basically, I have created a calculated field called 'Days To Ship' which calculates the difference between my Order Date and Ship Date, and that is seen based on Order Priority and Sub-category dimensions. Also, there is a quick filter for the Order Priority field.


      Now I would like to have a reference line which changes its value according to the Priority selected in the filter. In order words,the Quick Filter selection should affect my reference line.


      For eg: If I select, "Critical" then reference line should be at 5 days

      for "High", line should be at 10 days and so on.

      For "All", the different reference lines for each pane should be seen.


      I tried using parameters, calculated fields with if condition and so on but couldn't get the desired result.


      Thanks in advance for your help!