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    Prevent Publishing


      Is there a way to revoke publishing option for all the users. I would like to be able to do that temporarily for the back up purposes.



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          Toby Erkson

          This is easy   Log on to your Tableau server and from the Admin page click on Users.  Click on the Publish column:  This will sort the list of users by who has Publishing rights, who will appear at the top of the list.  Click the check boxes next to each person you want to remove Publish rights from then click on the Publishing menu at the very top of the list.  Click the Deny menu item.  Done!  Just remember who has Publishing rights so you can give them back

          So why disable their rights just for a backup?  I don't understand why you think this is needed.

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            Oh trust me it is not easy because we have hundreds of users.

            I guess we want to backup and let people use Tableau for a while, maybe a few hours but NOT PUBLISH anything. Then we will shut down and let IT team work on some HW upgrade.


            I do not want anyone publish something after the backup.

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              Andrew Ball

              HW upgrade?

              You may well just need to send an email round...

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                Toby Erkson

                Ah, gotcha.  Yeah, I agree with Andrew.  Within reason, when we need to bring a server down we send out notification a week in advance, then the day of/before the downtime.  Of course this stuff typically happens on a Sunday to reduce the impact (our servers are used world-wide).


                I understand we don't want to leave users without services but once in a while it's just gotta happen and when it's only minutes or a couple hours that typically isn't a major deal.  Typically


                Something you might want to try is using tabcmd.  See How to use tabcmd and createusers filename.csv.  This would be a time saver for you in the long run if this is a task you regularly do or your list of publishers is huge.  You can use this process to change licensing, too.  This thread may be of some use to get the list of users and their basic, top level permissions/licensing.

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                  Thank you, here is our workaround:


                  We create a TEMP user group.

                  Add everyone to TEMP group.

                  Deny Publishing to TEMP group.


                  Then of course we create backup.


                  Later, after the restore we remove everyone from TEMP group and drop that group.

                  Or just drop the TEMP group.

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                    Toby Erkson

                    Ha!  Nice work-around   I was over-complicating it; you made it much easier, nice work.