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    URL Actions needs to be applied on one or two Dimensions only

    Pavan Tadepalli

      Hello Everyone,


      I have been using the Actions feature in the dashboards of late and wanted to know if someone can help me with this question. I have a dashboard with tabular data (see example below). I have a URL Action set up on this dashboard, so that when a user clicks on a record, it opens up the MS Dynamics CRM web page for that particular account.  (based on the "Account_Link") .


      Is it possible to change the actions set up so that the URL Actions is set up on one field only, say "PRACTICE_NAME". So, the URL Actions should be triggered only when the user clicks on "PRACTICE_NAME" field. Currently, I use the "Select" option and the URL actions is triggered when the user clicks on any of the fields below.


      1234566890ABC DentalXYZMar-13


      Thanks in advance.


      Pavan Tadepalli