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    Parameter sliders not working as expected in Tableau Server

    Emma Whyte



      I have noticed that date sliders for Parameter controls when published to Tableau Server do not work as expected.


      For example:

      • when using the arrows to move between dates (set to move a week at a time) it "jumps" around to different date points randomly
      • when clicking on the line of the slider the parameter does not change or "stick" it just continues to move when you move the mouse, you have to double click to get it to "stick". This is almost impossible when dragging the slider to the end of the line
      • this also seems to happen with date filters set to slider type


      Using Desktop 8.0 & Server 8.0

      Tried in Chrome, Firefox & Explorer


      Any ideas why this is happening? The sliders work fine in Desktop.

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          Andrew Ball

          Hi Emma,


          I suspect the first point is due to a known bug, that only occurs if your dates are not US format.

          The slider shows, e.g. 1/6/2013 = 1st June 2013, but it is actually being processed as 6/1/2013 = 6th Jan 2013.

          This is slightly confused by the fact that the issue only exists on Server, so it works fine when you are designing it!


          The only solution at the moment is to use multiple parameters/filters for year, week, month etc.

          A highly annoying issue for those of us not US-based!