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    Single Value Filter Input

    Jonathan Whiting

      Hello Tableau Community,


      I am dealing with a spreadsheet based on river flow at a specific gage and associated hydrodynamic responses downstream. I'll create a sample to post if I need to, but I'm hoping the concept is simple enough.


      I am trying to create a view that allows the user to input an integer (15 to 1440) representing flow, which should plot the information associated with that flow. How do I set up a global filter that allows a user input as a single integer? I ask because the only options I see are "range of values", "at most", "at least", and a few other random options. Does such a filter exist or can it be created in a clever way?


      Thanks for the help,


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          Shawn Wallwork

          I think you're looking for a parameter. Right-click your field [Flow] and then click 'Create Parameter' and you'll get this box:


          Range Parameter.png


          Change the Data Type to Integer. The range in your field will be automatically filed in. Change it if you want.

          Then create a calculation to capture the user input and do whatever math you're wanting to do.


          Hope this helps,





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            Jonathan Whiting

            Hey Shawn,


            This is great, thanks! Is there a way to tie this into a filter?


            Example: User inputs 306. The view would only show results from a flow of 306 cms.




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              Shawn Wallwork

              We doin' a bit of blind-folded ping-pong here, but I'll take a swing, maybe I'll get lucky. Here's a simple way to use a forumula:


              [My Integer Data] = [My User Selected Integer Parameter]


              If you put this on the filter shelf and set it to True then it will in effect filter your data to just that one value. And if that wild swing didn't do the trick, you might want to read this:




              and this one specifically


              Using Parameters in Filters.


              For more specific help, we'll need a sample packaged workbook.





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                Jonathan Whiting

                Thanks, the links had an example that was basically the same scenario I am looking at. This online help book is really good, I'll now have another place to look for solutions.


                I simply needed to create a calculated field:

                IIF([Flow)]=[Flow Parameter],"yes","no")


                Then made filtered to only show the "yes" values.


                I appreciate the help, sorry if it felt a little blind.



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                  Shawn Wallwork

                  Yeah they are in (have been) in the process of rewriting the online help and it is getting better all the time. It's in my bookmarks and the first place I look. The other place to look for stuff is the Knowledge Base.


                  Beware, with both of these you still might have to log in again, especially after you do a search. But have faith the second time around your search will produce a search and not just another login screen.