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    Alias column name with a dictionary

    Xiaoming Zhu

      Tableau provides a nice way to enable user to alias variable names, via UI.  Are there ways to alias names based on a dictionary mapping?

      A use case is data are stored in a fixed data warehouse schema, where it has a TOTAL column denoting an aggregated measure with a special meaning for different departments.   For example, for purchase department it means Spend and for HR it means Employee Count.   When we create a report, we want to name it based on the department a viewer is associated with, i.e., Spend for Purchase and Count for HR.   If there are only a few departments, we can use UI to achieve the objective.  But if there are many, and especially when they change with time, it would be ideal to create a separate database table for a dictionary mapping of (TOTAL, Department_ID)=>Real Name for tableau reporting to pick up.  Does Tableau supports such a feature ?