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    Allocating Server Processes

    Alissa Volosin



      I am trying to optimize our Tableau server processes for how we are using Tableau.  According to the following article, the total number of server processes that should be allocated is 8.




      Our current settings are shown in the attached picture.  We would like to allow at least 2 background tasks to run at once (for multiple custom sql queries).  In addition, our interaction with views tends to run slowly so we are thinking we should increase the number of VizQL instances. 


      What are best practices for allocating processes and what do you recommend our settings be given how we are using server?


      Also, how we can monitor tableau so we can better tune these settings to get the best performance out of it?  Are there any recommendations and/or tools we should use to monitor tableau so we can better understand what to do and what configuration settings to modify?


      Thank you!




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