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    Backwards compatibility

    Jeff Root

      You'd think Tableau would make the new 8.1 version backwards compatible.  But no - it's not and i lost 2 hours of work for something that should be one of the first things they make sure of in the new version.  Pathetic for a $4 BN company.

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          Matt Lutton

          How did you lose work?  Can you explain?  I agree that this functionality would be nice, but am curious as to how you lost work because of it

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            Jeff Root

            we have tableau 8.0 server - so i just got a new computer and IT installed 8.1 but when i try to open the file in 8.0 everything is gone (and I have to open in 8.0 to publish to our 8.0 server).  I'm royally pissed at Tableau for this major functionality gap - even though they are "geniuses".

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              Matt Lutton

              Simple fix--just install Tableau 8.0 again. from here:  Alternate Download Site


              This is what confused my about your original post.  To address this lack of functionality, they allow you to install different versions of Tableau on a single machine (so you can Test in 8.1, but still use 8.0 for your Server reports).  So, you can have 8.0.6 and 8.1 installed on your machine, no problem.


              Once you upgrade your Server to 8.1, the workbooks uploaded there will be updated to 8.1 workbooks, and you can then use version 8.1.

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                Jeff Root

                i reinstalled 8.0 - but i can't retrieve my work.  So it's not really a simple fix since i have to replicate 2 hours of work i completed in 8.1.  And yes, I'm venting.

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                  Matt Lutton

                  Don't know what you mean by "retrieve my work".  You can create an Idea to represent what you want added: Ideas


                  So, you created a workbook in 8.1 and cannot open it in 8.0?  If that is the case, that seems like a user error as there is plenty of documentation on compatibility out there--for instance: http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/desktop-and-server-compatibility.  No offense intended.

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                    Jeff Root

                    i mean i can't retrieve the work i did in 8.1 from 8.0 but i need to because we only have 8.0 server.  So 2 hours lost

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                      Matt Lutton

                      You could also upgrade your Server to 8.1 to resolve the issue.  But again, I feel this is a user-error, not necessarily Tableau's fault, as the compatibility of versions is well documented.  Of course, you don't have to agree and I'm not trying to be obtuse.  If you post an Idea in Ideas section, I'll vote for it, as I do agree it would be nice.  But I think its probably a difficult problem to address, since there are features in future releases that didn't exist in previous versions.


                      Additionally, having to rebuild work in Tableau is not uncommon for a variety of other reasons.  Creating the workbook a second time will only enhance your Tableau abilities, and one way to look at it is you are gaining more experience by rebuilding the work again.


                      Of course, I understand your frustration and would be unhappy too.  But its not Tableau's fault.

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                        Jeff Root

                        no offense taken.  it's actually a product error - not a user error.  Any software product worth it's salt is backwards compatible.  (excluding the new PS4 and XBOX1).


                        And I don't agree that I should have to sift through piles of documentation to make sure it's okay.  It's a product error - or there's just no organized planning on the product development side at Tableau.   Additionally, there are a ton of ridiculous bugs in 8.0 that i'm assuming are present in 8.1.  Formatting changes are way too time consuming.  I've been using Tableau for a yearish now and while i think some things are great - i think the product itself has a long way to go to be the analytics software of choice for me.  just too many holes.

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                          Matt Lutton

                          OK, we can agree to disagree on this one.  There are plenty of software products that are not backwards compatible, and for good reason.


                          The place to propose new ideas has been linked for you: Ideas; posting here isn't going to do any good anyway.

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                            Michael Carper

                            I just had the same thing happen to me. Created a workbook in 8.1 with 12+ hours of work, and can't open in 8.0. I agree, this is ridiculous. It's not like its a major version change. Surely it wouldn't be that hard to "void" any of the 8.1 features when opened by 8.0? My only other options are to redo the entire thing, or run around getting everyone intended viewer to upgrade.