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    How do I created a calculated field using one field from the main data table and another field from a related table?

    Al Forrester

      I have created a calculated field called "Risk Weighted Assets".  It is equal to the sum of "Ending Balance" from the main data source, multiplied by the "Risk Weighting" factor (divided by 100) from an ancillary linked data file called "Account Hierarchy.xls".


      When I expand the hierarchy to it's lowest level, the correct Risk Weighted Assets are shown, but as I collapse the hierarchy, the values begin to double at certain levels for some accounts.  I would like for the values to just be the summed up values and not have them duplicating themselves.  I think this has something to do with the fact that the system required me to create the calculated field as an Aggregate.  I really wanted to just create a field that was balance multiplied by risk weight that you could simply sum up at various levels.