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    URL Actions - navigating between different workbooks


      Does anyone have a sample workbook that shows how to put a navigation "shape" (e.g., right-arrow) on a dashboard ... tied to a URL action ... that navigates to a different TWBX? I do not want the URL to go to a website or website object.


      thanks for any help.

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Lance -


          Don't yell at me - but it's called a URL action for a reason . The feature really is built to hit a URL on a website vs. opening up a different workbook on the file system.


          You can do this anyway with a "File URL", but doing so simply opens the file in queston in a new instance of Tableau: Probably not what you want.


          If you drop both of the attached workbooks into the root of your c:\ drive, open "1.twbx", and click the arrow, then we'll launch 2.twbx....but we do so in another copy of Tableau.


          Why not combine the two workbooks so you don't have to worry about this?

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            Thanks Russell - I appreciate the prompt and helpful reply. It sure seems like Tableau could benefit from a way to chain workbooks (for a series of vizzes) where there are multiple dashboards/sheets in each workbook. For example:


            top-workbook (with navigation)

            - wb1 - contains multiple dashbds / sheets  .. perhaps 4+ dashbds, each with 4-7 sheets

            - wb2 - contains multiple dashbds / sheets          " " "

            - wb3 - contains multiple dashbds / sheets          " " "

            - etc

            - wb'n'


            If you have any other suggestions, I'd appreciate some quick advice and "thanks again"

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              Russell Christopher

              Hey Lance –


              Well, I’d say we do allow for chaining workbooks…with Tableau Server. Just like SharePoint is Microsoft’s answer to “Excel ****”, Tableau Server is a way to make sure folks don’t manage to reproduce “Excel ****” using Tableau Desktop. We provide the JavaScript API in Tableau Server to deal with exactly the sort of scenarios you mention.


              Or put another way, “Linked” Tableau Workbooks dependent on the name and location of other workbooks to function correctly is no way to live ☺ Not simple. Failure prone. Angst.


              Sounds like this isn’t the right approach for you, but that’s my take on things.

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                Jonathan Drummey

                Hi Lance,


                I'm with Russell...You can create a shape that has a URL action connected to it and have the URL go to http://my-tableau-server/views/viewN. And you can even pass Tableau parameters and dimensions in the URL for filtering on the target, which I'm not sure is possible for file:/// references. However, there are a few factors to consider:


                • If you have a web object in the current dashboard, the URL action will open up in that web object. I haven't been able to find a way to change this.
                • If not, the URL action opens a new browser window (or tab if the user has configured the window that way). With the new window, the browser's back button has no effect (because we're in a new window or tab)and the only way to open up the prior workbook from within Tableau is to set up additional buttons/controls in that workbook with additional URL actions. However those additonal URL actions will open up in their own new browser window or tab, not the one the user just left.
                • In order for Filter Actions that cross worksheets to work properly, we need to publish the workbook with tabs. So the user is already seeing tabs in Tableau, and then may have to deal with different windows or browser tabs.


                Most of my users are not that technically savvy and early trials with them convinced me to do what I had to in order to keep them working within fewer workbooks and views, and to keep them within fewer Tableau tabs in some cases I use a lot of swapping worksheets. That way a big chunk of the screen stays very much the same as they navigate from one "view" to the next.


                Stepping back for a moment, I'm curious about why your users would need to step through ~N*4 chained dashboards/views of the data at a time. Sometimes when we look at the bigger goal there's a different route to results that is much easier to implement in Tableau.



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                  Jonathan - thanks for the helpful reply. The reason I'm trying this approach is to have a top-level menu ... with say 12 menu selections ... that the end-user can select via the shape. Each of the 12 sub-menus would take the end user to a workbook that is fairly complex (lots of data blends, filters, custom SQL, etc). Each of the selections is complex enough that it doesn't make sense to combine with other workbooks for size/performance reasons. For example, the top menu might be 1) Alerts, 2) Analysis, 3) Reports, 4) Baseline, ... 12) LastMenuItem ... and one of the sub-menus under Reports might have a dozen workbooks on its own. Think of it as an application suite with a front-end menu that branches off to multiple parts of the suite.


                  If you can suggest a better way ... I'd welcome the advice.


                  thank you.


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                    Jonathan Drummey

                    If you're just on Tableau Desktop or Reader, I'm sorry don't have any suggestions, there's no way to link them like that. On Tableau Server, you can do things like http://community.tableau.com/docs/DOC-5276 or Executive Report Portal Dashboard.



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                      Sneha K

                      Hi Russell,

                      I am also having similar issue, I have to jump from dashboard to another on the desktop only, as I don't have Tableau server working now. I am able to jump from one dashboard to other with your suggestion.

                      But along with that, I have to also pass the filter selection there to another dashboard. Fields used in filters are present in both the dashboards.


                      How can  I do that? Could you please help me in this?