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    Setting schedules via tabadmin

    Mita Mahadevan

      Is there a way to set workbook refresh schedules via tabadmin commands? We are trying to see if we can automate publishing of dashboards from a source control system (which you can via tabadmin), but the schedules for refresh i dont think can be set there.

      Anyone tried or know of a way to do it?



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          Ken Patton

          You can install and  use tabcmd to run a schedule once it's in there, but last I checked, you can't create a new schedule in tabcmd.




          Realistically, it's a bad idea to proliferate a whole lot of unique schedules unless you truly have to. That said, just because a schedule exist doesn't mean you have to use it right away.


          So, the way I would handle this would be:  use the standard Admin GUI to create a reasonably complete set of schedules.


          Install the tabcmd command line utility.


          Then on your version-control system with the tabadmin stuff on it, use tabcmd to set and run the schedule for the published workbook.

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            Mita Mahadevan

            Thanks Ken. I wasn't implying we set up new schedules each time. I wanted to associate the workbook to an existing schedule via tabadmin. Is there a way to do that?



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              Ken Patton

              Ah, sorry - you're asking for a way to bind a workbook to a refresh schedule via tabcmd or tabadmin.


              I don't know of any way to do that today (I think there is / was an Idea submitted that you could upvote for that).


              Do you ever have a human hand-publish the Workbook(s) in question? If so then the best move for now would be to set the Refresh schedule during that Publish cycle.  Then the tabcmd Publish part will hopefully retain that as part of the .twb.


              Sorry I don't have a better answer for you -- the code to do what you want -- so far as I know -- simply isn't there yet.