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    Using Index to Filter Skews Totals

    Jill Munson

      Hi everyone,

      I'm fairly new to Tableau so apologize if this seems easy.  I'm trying to create some charts broken down by LOB (and possibly envir_class_name) showing the count of servers on each .NET version.  The first problem was that many servers show multiple versions of  .NET (3.5 and 4.0 on the same server as an example).  I need to filter out and only display and count the highest version.  Using INDEX() and sorting on Software Name I was able to filter out lower versions.  I need help creating a calculated field that will count each server name in each LOB (broken out by envir_class_name).  This shouldn't be that hard to do but I'm not getting it.  Can someone please help?  I've attached a packaged workbook as my example.
      Thank you so much in advance!