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    Number of data points comprising a box plot

    Jay Chang

      I am playing around with the new Tableau 8.1 boxplot functionality and I'm a bit stumped.  Attached, please find a sample packaged workbook of what I'm trying to do.


      Sheet 1 shows a boxplot built using T8.1 functionality.  Awesomeness.  However, my question is - how do I add a count of the number of raw data points that comprise each boxplot?  ie, in the Appliances category, how many individual profit data points make up the data set that was used to generate the box-and-whiskers for Appliances?


      Sheet 2 shows my attempt to do this, using the SIZE() function and Sheet 3 shows my attempt using the Number of Records measure provided by Tableau.  When I use SIZE, it seems that Tableau is plotting a bunch of data points on top of each other to get to the correct number.  I am inferring this because when I change the shape from Circle to Bar, I get a ton of individual labels slightly overlapping each other, which infers to me that Tableau is performing SIZE on each data point or some such.


      When I use Number of Records, I can't ever get Tableau to display any count other than 1.


      What am I missing?  I'm sure it's something simple but I just can't get it.