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    KPI Tree Ideas

    Michael Carrico

      Hello all, new to the forums and have been using Tableau for a few months now, and wanted to say thank you for all of the great information.


      I am currently in the process of evaluating Tableau to transition some dashboards, and one graphic that I have used in the past that I can't find a good Tableau alternative for is a KPI tree (see example here).  I have considered treegraphs and a few other alternatives, but none seem to present the data in a way that I believe is intuitive in terms of understanding the influence that lower items on a hierarchy have on items above (both % and value) with the structure well displayed. 


      As a result, I began trying to evaluate bringing the KPI tree graphic into Tableau, but was also running into some issues.  The bulk of my efforts thus far have been attempting to leverage a background image and overlay area annotations.  Unfortunately, even if I filter the data down to a single row, I am unable to grab measured values, calculated values, or aggregated table calculations in an area annotation to display values on the tree.  I understand the reasoning behind this (i.e. not tied to a data point), but it seems like I should be able to grab either grand total values or items from the summary data to use in an annotation on the sheet.


      So my question to the community is twofold:

      1. Does anyone have an idea for an intuitive alternative to the KPI tree? and

      2. Does anyone have an idea for a method to replicate the KPI tree in Tableau?



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Michael,


          One idea would be to create a worksheet for each measure. Then, place them on either one dashboard or a couple of dashboards that use actions to get the next dashboard based on the selection by the user.



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            Michael Carrico



            Thanks for sharing the idea.  I actually started pursuing that one a little bit yesterday and think that that might be the way to go.  There are some formatting challenges with all of the individual worksheets but it seems to be the best route to go for actually producing the KPI tree.  I still would really love a way to graphically show these hierarchies better, but it seems like I am stuck with either the treemap or this option.  Thanks for the recommendation.