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    append multiple tables at once

    Julianna Wokurka

      Let's say I have 4 csv files and need to be added to Tableau and appended together (they should be just one file, but they were broken up into four files). Right now to append them, I add one file and then go to "add data from file" and add on all the others in this way. Is there no way to just add all them at once and have it make one big file without all these extra steps?


      Appreciate your input in advance!

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          Jim Wahl

          Hi Julianna,


          You can't do this directly in Tableau, but I've heard of people using Excel-based solutions / macros---if you Google, you'll find something. If you find yourself doing a lot of this, you might check out Alteryx, which is (among other things) a personal ETL tool that makes it easy to combine and/or reshape and/or append data sources and export to Tableau.