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    Need a single "master date" filter on a dashboard that constrains multiple date fields

    Karen Clark

      I have relational data from MySQL. The case table has case opened and case closed date fields (different values). Further, I have a second table with another date field, for an event timestamp of an occurrence during the case lifecycle.


      I have a dashboard on which charts have been placed. Each chart has a date filter (relative dates) applied.


      I hate to make my users specify a date in each of the three filters (one per date field). Is there a way to make a single "master date" filter for the dashboard that will push the specified date into each worksheet in each different field?


      Something I read referred me to Creating Filters with Actions on Dashboards | Tableau Software but it's not obvious to me how I'd do this with dates since I don't have a list of all possible dates to use as the control data...


      Thanks in advance for your help!