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    Can you filter / zoom to a specific location on a map that has no data?

    Chris Spinney

      I've been playing around with geocoding a bit and I'm not sure that what I want to do is possible. First some background - we have a pile of data for zip codes all across the United States that we're going to be presenting for marketing people to use. The data we're using has city names and zip codes, but there has been no input validation on the city data so we don't really trust it. What we're being asked for is the ability to zoom in on a particular area of the map even if there is no data there with the current selection. The idea is that if I'm a sales rep for a specific area I can enter the name of a city and have the map zoom right into that general area without me having to spend a bunch of time trying to get there manually.


      It seems like what we need is to have two data connections. One with our customer data broken down to the zip code level, and another one of cities and the latitude / longitude for each. Then we use a string parameter to let someone type in a location and then filter the map to show that lat / long. The only thing is there isn't necessarily any relationship between those two data sets. Can this be done? Or do we have to create an association between the zip codes and cities, and live with the fact that if there's no data in the current selection the map won't zoom in on the user's sales area?