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    Sort buttons in chart not working correctly


      I have a list of items purchased and the total number purchased for each time. This is displayed in a horizontal bar chart with item names on the left and the bars running left to right.


      My sort buttons that are embedded in the chart itself don't work. There is one along the x-axis which depicts the total number of purchases for each item. If I sort using this button, it sorts in an almost random pattern. There's also a sort button embedded at the top of the chart along the x-axis that does about the same thing. There is one above the list of item names in the left column that does actually sort alphabetically.


      How can I get the sort buttons that are embedded in the chart to sort correctly based on number purchased?


      Of note ,the sort buttons in the tableau toolbar below "Server" in the menu bar seem to work fine.


      I need to enable these sorting options because I'm sharing on Tableau server where these are the only options to sort.


      EDIT: A little test: I removed a filter from the chart and the sort buttons work fine. However, when I add the filter back in, the issue comes back. The filter removes sales from a particular set of stores.




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