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    Tableau Forums Digest Reboot?

    Shawn Wallwork

      Earlier this year for about 3 months I did a Tableau Forums Digest. But since I was doing it on a weekly basis, I burned myself out. Some folks have some interest in reviving it in some fashion or another. Of course it's too much for one person to do any more (question volume seems to have exploded of late). So if a digest is going to be done, it will need to be a group effort. Considering this issue Andy Cotgreave put together a short video on the tools he uses to do his Best Of, and how these could help us, as a group, come up with a best of the forums thread list.


      I enjoy the writing and I'm willing to do that part; as long as others are willing to come up with the list of threads, decide which ones deserve inclusion, and which forum folks deserve mention. To keep us all from burning out, I suggest we shoot for a monthly digest.


      Let me know what you think, and whether you're interested in helping.






      Jonathan Drummey Joe Mako

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