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    Using date dimension as master data source in data blending

    Egor Ushakov

      Here's conversation with @Russell Christopher  in which we came to conclusion that master date dimension built with external tool and imported into Tableau can be used in "Combining Multiple Data Sources into One View" technique. I created workbook with Coffee Chain and Superstore data sources to demonstrate the approach discussed.


      It's easy to build crosstab or  Side-by-Side Bar Chart to display data for each data source (see corresponding worksheet) separately.

      What I would like to get is Stacked Bar Chart colorized with (let's name it) SourceType field to be placed on Color shelf to be able to perform consequent table calculations of percentage, etc.


      I'm thinking of building discrete calculated fields which formula consumes others manually created calculated fields SourceType built for every data source (see examples in twb attached). But have no idea which function(s) to use in calculation. Seems there is a need to use logic calculation here. But I'm stuck how to implement this.