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    Applying data security using Tableau extract

    Andrew Murphy

      We have been using live connections and have been handling security within  by using SQL server's IS_MEMBER function to check against active directory groups.  We are finding the performance is unacceptable and the way that the queries are being generated from Tableau in some situations is causing the function to be run multiple times.


      I am looking into how I can handle the security using extracts and I understand that there are two options - bringing the security users/groups into the data layer and using the USERNAME() function in the report or using the ISMEMBEROF() function to query AD. 


      I have got the former solution working but we have a special type of user who is allowed access to all data, so need a way of allowing all if a user is in a particular group.   Does anyone know a suitable way to achieve this or could suggest an alternative approach using the ISMEMBEROF approach.


      Many thanks