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    Is this doable using Tableau (What-if analysis using parameters?)

    Xiaorong Li

      Hi guys,


      I am trying to build a new data visualization/tool for my team using Tableau, and one of the features they ask for is something I am not sure is even doable in Tableau. I feel it might be doable using parameters, but not sure how to do that. Can anybody help me out?


      In the attached workbook (version 8.0), the top chart in dashboard1shows you the cost stack up of a smartphone. The bottom table shows you the bill of material of the phone: the last column is the cost of each component, and the 'Category' column is the category to which a component belongs to.


      What we want to achieve here is to allow users to do some what-if analysis. We want to allow them to change the cost of any components they want and see how that will affect the cost stack-up. For example, they can change the cost of the first component from $5.00 to $8.00 and so on. Is this something even doable using parameters or data blending in Tableau? If so, how can I do that?

      Thanks so much!