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    Unioning extracts or different data sources?

    Lukas Rut

      Hey everyone,

      I would like to union (not join) data from various sources. It's excel, access DB and Oracle table. Is it possible to do it somehow nicely in Tableau without need to import everything into one DB?


      I know I can combine several tables from the same database/excel using custom SQL. Is there a way to combine tables from various sources? I can create extracts and then try tounion these but there is no Custom SQL dialog for connecting Tableau extracts and does not work when using text files option - delimiter, encoding,...?


      I have seen a note about it in discussion here: http://community.tableau.com/thread/123090 but it was not too specific.


      Anybody knows?


      Thank you!


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          Dan Huff

          Simply put Lukas, getting all of the information in one location may be the most sustainable solution over time. Currently you cannot Union tables across different data sources.


          You could try to extract your Oracle table in Tableau and right click the extract and select Add data from file to add the excel and acess data. This will be a manual process which is why it may be best to get an ETL process in place.