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    Helper:  Unable to detect if Tableau Server has started.

    Toby Erkson

      This is not a question but a helper post, something that I hope will come up in a search to help others who may run into this issue.  Thanks & solution goes to Michael C. at Tableau Support  We used a WebEx session to help me install and get 8.1 working on our QA server.


      Here's a screen shot of the issue I had:

      terkson - Monday, December 02, 2013 10_38_07 AM - Clipboard.jpg

      So, after multiple attempts to install I kept getting close to 100% CPU usage and no browser login to the server after this message.  I gave up and contacted Tableau Support.


      What Michael had me do was uninstall Tableau (I left it installed just in case) and then delete ALL folders that were Tableau.  Since it's the company policy to run server applications on a separate drive this meant I needed to remove all Tableau folders on the C: drive as well.  He said that if there was ever a time, even if it was just once, that Tableau was installed there then some files will be saved there and he was right.  After deleting them we were able to successfully install 8.1 64-bit.


      Some observations:

      1.  The "Servers" tab did NOT display in the Tableau Server Configuration box, however, after the successfull install it did appear.  We don't know if this is normal.  During my failed installs the tab DID display.

      2.  During the install the progress box displayed "Migrated files" (or something very close to that, I forget the exact wording) with a counter, slash, and the total to 'migrate'.  No idea what that was about since this was a "clean" install.  We saved the backup file to an entirely different location so we think it wasn't sucked in...once the install was complete the server was bare so nothing was [obviously] brought in from the backup.

      3.  We performed the backup after the install and it went perfectly   Then I saw everything I expected i.e., the server was no longer bare.  We did use the --no-config parameter.  I have a batch file that sets up my server so no big deal for me.