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    Johan's Contribution Honored.

    Shawn Wallwork

      Johan (aka kettan) will be losing his home internet connections at midnight (less than 3 hours away). As a tribute to his incredible contribution to our forums, specifically organizing and promoting the Ideas (feature requests) area, I just took advantage of a 'canvas bug' by 'Liking' every single comment (all 67) on his thread:




      [My name may be on it, but this is ALL Johan; Jive just wouldn't let us change authors mid-stream.]


      So his thread is now top of the list:

      Johans Idea Collections.png

      I'm hoping someone else will use their likes tomorrow (Sunday) to also jump Johan's collection to the top of the weekly stats; he certainly deserves all the credit and kudos we can shower on him. Thank you Johan, you've made our forums a much better place!






      [Ironically Johan posted a Canvas Idea that this sort of liking shouldn't be allowed (and I agree with him) but as long as it is allowed, I can't think of a better use of this 'Canvas bug'.]