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    How to show only relevant values of a parameter filtering across different datasources

    Djalal Bougriou

      Hello everyone,


      Let me explain my situation. To build my reports, I use data blending because joining all my tables together was not option and brought wrong results. I builded a view thanks to data blending, so I used 2 different datasources, but since it uses 2 different datsources but since filters apply to views from only a single data source., I needed to add a parameter that works as a quickfilter to filter across the different datasources. This works perfectly. The thing is that the parameter that works as a quickfilter displays all values instead of only displaying the relevant values. So, my question is: Would you know a way to only dispplay the relevant values of the parameter ?

      You can also find enclosed a workbook that shows my situation. Let me explain a bit more the view constructed. It is a table that uses a parameter as a quickfilter. It is named "Campaign parameter", and there is a 2nd quickfilter that is named segment filter that depends of the campaign chosen. So, I'd like to know if you'd know a way to display only the relevant values of the parameter when I add filters to the filters shelves. In my workbook, I added the filter "client_code" in the filter shelves and filtered on only one client code, but all values are dsplayed anyway in the parameter.

      I hope I am clear enough in my explanation, if not please let me know if there is something unclear!