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    Survey timings




      As I've mentioned in previous posts, I work in medical education and regularly send surveys to doctors in training. One of the things I'm interested in finding out is what sort of times the surveys get answered. Many doctors use their "quiet" times on call or on night shift to fill out their surveys, and this is borne out by looking at the "hour" function in the response times; many responses are recorded just before midnight, many between 3 and 4am.


      What I'm interested in doing is working out and marking if the survey was completed during normal office hours; I assume that I'll need some kind of calculated field. I need something along the lines of "if(datepart('hour'",[Date completed])<18:00 AND datepart('hour',[Date completed])>08:00, "Office hours", "Out of hours") however I'm struggling with the structure.


      Has anyone done this sort of thing before?