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      Hi all,


      I've been using Tableau for about 6 months or so now, and I'm really enjoying the ability to show survey data in a really interesting way.


      I work in medical education and many of the specialty training programmes run end of placement surveys at the end of each rotation. The surveys used in each specialty are broadly based around the same core question set, with specialty specific questions added in. The core questions are all based around a 5-point lickert scale response (strongly disagree - strongly agree) and I use LimeSurvey to create scores at survey runtime which are exported with the data. This has resulted in me being able to produce a "response template" similar to one published here by Alex Kerin which can be pointed to different survey data sets once the data has been reshaped.


      I'm happy to help as much as a I can with this group; I've probably faced many of the same issues, and I'm just about to post some topics about lickert scoring and survey timing.


      Thanks guys, look forward to learning (and maybe even teaching) some new tricks.