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    Tableau vs. JSF (PrimeFaces)

    Robert Liguori

      I am starting a new project and would like to use Primefaces (http://primefaces.org) to render charts and graphs and alike as I have experience with PrimeFaces and JSF.


      However, I was just recommended to explore Tableau.


      Could someone please tell me why I would choose PrimeFaces over Tableau and vice versa.


      Thank you very much,


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          Shawn Wallwork

          Hey Robert, I'm going to assume this wasn't a false post to get me to watch a Primefaces intro video (which I just did). And you sincerely want to know the pros/cons of T vs PF.


          Tableau does data visualization.

          Primefaces seems to do really cool intro videos


          Sorry if I missed the connection. Please point me to some page that shows PF doing data visualization and I'll be happy to take another look.





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            Russell Christopher

            Hey Robert -


            You're looking at two completely different animals. As you know (better than I, for sure!) , PrimeFaces is UI library built w/ Java. You need to be a developer to use these suckers - dropping them into web pages, wiring them up with JavaScript (AJAX), etc. Basic visualization is only part of what PrimeFaces does, right?


            Tableau was built for the non-developer. A "mere mortal" can use Tableau to create some pretty amazing visual analytics "solutions" or just use it to see and understand their data in an ad-hoc fashion.


            Tableau's visualization capabilties are very sophisticated, but built in a way that regular people can put them together. Tableau's main "selling point" is time to value. For a developer, creating a dashboard with this tool is trivial - we're literally talking minutes (drag, drop, done.)


            If you really want a real "development project" in which you get to bang out HTML and JavaScript to meet your end goal, Tableau may not be appropriate for you. If the end goal is to get really cool dataviz out to the masses fast, then it might be.


            Does this help at all? Sort of hard to compare these two things