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    Shawn Wallwork

      Ramon Martinez (a Tableau Zen Master) shared this today on Google+


      Thanksgiving: Giving thanks in the classroom | Khan Academy


      I thought it worth sharing here on the US day of giving thanks. I read many, many forum posts a year. And I must say we as a community practice this technique of asking for help, accepting help and thanking those who provide it. This has somehow evolved naturally, sincerely and without prompting. This forum culture is what I am most thankful for.


      Thank you all for both asking and answering all these questions, and doing so in such a supportive way.




      PS: I would also like to thank Ramon for recently taking such an active role in answering questions and sharing his considerable expertise.

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          Robert Morton

          Thank you, Shawn, for all that you do to keep this community vibrant, healthy and helpful!


          And a big thank you to all Tableau customers and users for showering us with love while maintaining such high expectations for our software and our company. It's truly a thrill to work with this community!



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            Dustin Smith

            Sometimes people don't believe me that I have the best job in the world.  I wish I could show them this thread.


            I am thankful that every day my job is to try and make something better so that people can help one another.  More importantly, I am grateful that I am never alone in this endeavor and that there are so many friends who are always right there with me.



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              Jonathan Drummey

              Thanks for this thread, Shawn. In my mind, you have a wonderful way of pointing out the "invisible elephants", this is one of them and I appreciate you for making this post. And I appreciate all the Tableau users who contribute, whether it's through asking, answering, or sharing what they've built.


              Dustin & Robert, please pass on our thanks to everyone in Tableau for making such great software that it inspires us as users to contribute to the community!