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    Mac Licence


      (Sorry for double posting but I better start a new thread about this)


      I have a Mac. I own Tableau for Windows. In two weeks I have to renew my license for another year. My question is: When Tableau for Mac comes out (version 8.2) will I be able to get a free copy for my Mac or will I have to purchase it as a separate product.


      If the answer to the last question is Yes I don't want to waste my money on extending a licence which I will not use once I have the Mac version.


      Thanks in advance,



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          Jonathan Drummey

          I'm 99.99% sure it'll come with your maintenance, you might check with your Tableau rep to be sure. Russell Christopher might also know.

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            Russell Christopher

            Hey Carlos -


            I don't think anyone on the forums is going to know that. You probably need to ask someone closer to these sorts of decisions. Your best bet is to reply to one of the "reminder" emails I'm sure you've gotten and ask this question.


            Good luck!

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              Juracy Americo

              Maybe you can find some information here www.tableausoftware.com/activation


              best regards

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                Helen Lindsay

                To the guys at Tableau.... please please please produce a Mac version so I don't have to deal with Microsoft ever again.


                I'm trying to upgrade from Windows v8 32 bit to v81. 64bit. I'm told this should help with process memory. I have a 27" iMac with 12GB but I am still getting Tableau process memory warnings.


                The Windows upgrade should be free but downloads won't run and I cannot get a disk sent to me. Microsoft's help desk staff just don't understand the sentence  "I want to upgrade from Windows v8 32 bit to v8.1 64 bit."

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                  Russell Christopher

                  Hey Helen!


                  As you know, Tableau (currently) only runs on Windows. On a 64-bit Windows OS, you can certainly run the x64 version of Tableau....


                  However, that 64-bit version of Tableau will only run on a 64-bit version of Windows. Are you running a 64-bit Windows? If not, you can download, but not INSTALL the 64-bit Tableau.


                  You also mention your iMac, which kind of confuses me. Are you running Tableau on Windows inside your IMac? In other words, are you running a 3rd party software (Parallels, VmWare, etc.) that lets you run Windows stuff on your Mac?

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                    Helen Lindsay

                    Hi Russell,


                    Thanks for your quick reply.


                    I’m running Parallels.


                    My problem is that I deliberately bought Windows v8 32bit last October (because in the past Tableau had needed 32bit). Now I want to run Tableau 64bit (to manage process memory better).


                    However, I cannot figure out how to upgrade Windows v8 32 bit to Windows v8.1 64 bit. I have gone to the Microsoft store and downloaded v8.1 but it was 32bit. There doesn’t appear to be any way to choose Windows v8.1 64bit.


                    So I tried to get a disk. But Microsoft Help Desk can’t manage that.


                    So I’m almost at the point of simply buying another copy of Windows.



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                      Russell Christopher

                      Ah, OK. I’m with you know. Sorry that we can’t help with the Windows stuff…