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    4 measures, 2 mark types (line and bar)


      Preface this by saying I'm working with Tableau 7.0


      Suppose the 12 calendar months in the columns and 4 measures under rows - current year value, prior year value, red threshold, and yellow threshold.  All 4 measures have their own column in an Excel database.  The current and prior year values are represented by bars and change from month to month and are stacked side by side to show disparity.  The yellow/red thresholds are simply to indicate near-maximum, and maximum capacity respectively, and are static figures across the whole year represented by 2 horizontal lines to show where the current and prior year bars stack up in comparison.


      My initial idea was duplicating the Measure Values fields - Current/Prior on one side with a bar mark type, and yellow/red thresholds on the other side with line mark types.  Seems that I don't seem to have the power to create independent filters for each duplicated field.  Perhaps there is a field calculation that will combine 2 fields under one tab while maintaining their independent values?  I'm running out of ideas.  I'm open to any ideas from changing my excel database to doing whatever it takes in Tableau. Thanks fellas