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    Is there a way to avoid displaying a row for each day in the attached workbook?

    Alex Blakemore

      For this example, consider a data set that has one row for each day over the span of several months with two columns: date and balance. Think of the balance as the daily account balance. I'm trying to make a summary table that shows the min,max,avg, starting and ending balances for each month. min/max/avg are simple of course. For the starting and ending balances, I added a few simple table calcs. Those table calcs only work if the view has a row for each day -- which defeats the purpose of a simple summary.


      Is there a good solution?


      See the tabs (left to right) in the attached workbook. I'm trying to make a view that looks like the tab named "Goal" - which currently uses some calculated fields with faked out values to show what I'm trying to achieve. The caption on the last tab describes the problem a bit better.


      Any help would be appreciated. It seems like there should be a simple solution.