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    Installing R on server without Internet

    Benjamin Fox

      I've been tasked with getting 8.1 set up with R on a server with no internet connection. I'm sure it is a simple set up since I can move installation files from my computer to this server. However I am less than a novice when it comes to how R operates.  I'm betting there are some experts in the community who could easily answer this question (Google has the answer I'm sure, but can't find it simply).


      What is the simplest way to install R with Rserve on my Tableau server? Also, is there perhaps a comprehensive list of packages I should install on it? So that the server can work with most functions the users may throw at it.  I'll continue rooting around the web and trying things out on my own computer, but appreciate any help that can be provided.


      Thank you

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          Alex Kerin

          I don't believe you need more than the correct binary for your server, drop it over and run the install package, then start the server with the right shell command

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            Benjamin Fox

            I guess what I was looking for was a way to install the zip file onto my live server through the R interface. I ended up finding out that I could use the command

            install.packages(file.chose(), repos=NULL)


            This would allow me to choose whatever package that I wanted to install into the R environment.  Now I'm trying to find what to input for TabAdmin to tell server that there is an R environment that it can use. I am at the part of using tabadmin set vizqlserver.rserve.host. But do I just do like on my desktop and set the host to localhost and port to 6311?

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              Benjamin Fox

              Thanks again for the response. I just got it working for server. I don't know which step was necessary, or if all were. First I tried the localhost for the Rserve host. But I still had an issue it said something to the effect that there was an issue with the Rserve server and Tableau. I looked around some more and found this on the community


              and I followed the last response from Jeffrey Shaffer last comment within my Rsever environment and turned it on?


              Like I said earlier, I'm no expert with R, so if someone wants to chime in and say whichever thing I did that was correct. Or if I screwed everything up but somehow got it to work that's fine too.  Just wanted to let anyone else know how the Rserve on Tableau server without internet issue worked out.

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                Jeffrey Shaffer

                There aren't that many steps, so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.  The way R works is that you first have to install the package (step 1), but installing a package is kind of like putting the book on the bookshelf in the library.  You have to check it out before it will work. So after installation you run the library() command to load the package (step 2) into the R environment, basically checking out the book to use.  Once it's loaded, then you are ready for step 3, which is to run the Rserve() command.  That kicks off the Rserve to listen for something from Tableau.  Then you connect via Tableau and you should be off an running.  Sounds like you got it to work, so hopefully you don't have any additional issues.  Keep in mind, if you don't have an internet connection R won't be able to reach the CRAN to download additional packages, so you'll have to make sure any packages that are needed are installed manually. For example, you might have R code that runs a neural network, but if you don't have the nnet package installed then it won't work, regardless of the Rserve connection working. I'm excited to see what people do with R and Tableau so please keep us posted on anything of interest!

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                  Benjamin Fox

                  Thanks for clarifying what I did. That makes sense. This has been my first experience with R.  I'll keep everyone posted on what we do with R. 


                  Do you have any recommendations for packages I should install? I took the Plyr one from the sample that Tableau listed, but that's the only one.  I'm not too concerned because our users that will use R can easily request it to be added to environment.


                  Thanks again

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                    Jeffrey Shaffer

                    Here is a list of packages that I've found useful. It will really depends on what the users want to do with R, but this list should give you a good start.



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