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    Data Blending Three Source Tables and Possibly a Separate Master Table


      I'm trying to build a dashboard that contains campaigns, campaign kpis, dates, and sales dimensions.  My problem is I have a table that contains on SEM data (downloaded from Adwords), non-SEM data (from affiliates outside of Adwords), and call data.


      Given that my campaigns exist both in the SEM and non-SEM data, how do I combine these tables and then still append the call data when I want to create a dashboard to see campaign performance?


      One of the tables/views I want to create will be to summarize performance by all campaigns (sem + nonsem) for a given day.  I can't use the call data as the master table as I will have SEM campaigns which will still generate impressions/clicks but no leads.


      I've attached a sample data set of what my data sources look like.  Any thoughts/ideas on how to do this?  I keep thinking I need a master table but not quite sure how I'd implement this.