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    Need help on Parameters

    Krish Mukka

      Hi Tableau experts,


      I have three questions for you.


      1. I have created a dashboard with the help of 6 sheets. In everysheet, month field is common. So, I got a month parameter automatically generated by Tableau, clicking on which, only that particular month's information is displyaing in every sheet. However, out of 6 sheets, I have two sheets which contain two options "Delivered" and "Not Delivered". I want my dashboard work in such a way, if I select "Aug" month, it should activate all August month's information in all the sheets of my Dashboard and along with this, if I select Delivered option from the parameter which Tableau automatically generated, then only "Delivered" information should be display in the both sheets. Is this possible?.


      2. I am using a Parameter, which allows me to display till 50 rows in a sheet. Can I use the same parameter for all the sheets available in the dashboard. Like, if I select 20 in the parameter, all sheets should display upto 20 records at a time. Is this possible?.


      3. I want to send my Dashboard to client. My dashboard has 6 sheets and 1 dashboard. I want to send only Dashboard to my Client. What is the best way to do it. Can anyone suggest me please.


      Thank you for your time.




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          Dustin Smith

          Hi Krish,


          Looks like you posted this question in the Community Canvas area which is where we have discussions about improving the forums themselves.  I've gone ahead and moved this to the actual Forums since it will be get seen by more eyes there.




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            Jason Scarlett

            1. Sounds possible to me, but I'm not exactly sure what the question was. It seems that you want one filter to apply to all sheets and another to apply only to 2 sheets. In v8 you can specify how a Filter is applied -- (1) to only this worksheet, (2) selected worksheets, (3) to all worksheets using this data source. It seem you want #3 (all) for the date, and #2 (some) for the two worksheets with "Delivered".


            2. I think so. You a Parameter is Global, in that it is applied to any worksheet that contains a filter related to it. For example, create a Calculation that is related to your Parameter (maybe if INDEX() < Parameter then 'Show' else 'Hide'). Then add that calculation to any worksheet that you want the Parameter to be applied to. Check out the free on emand training videos here (look for Parameter video): Training & Tutorials | Tableau Software


            3. You can send a "Packaged Workbook" to the client and they can open it with the free "Tableau Reader" software.



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              Matt Lutton

              To clarify #3, once a dashboard with all your sheets is assembled, you can right click on the individual sheet tabs to "hide" the sheets and only keep the dashboard tab displaying. Then, you can share "only the dashboard"--although the sheets will still be accessible by end users that have Tableau Desktop installed.


              For the rest of your questions, a packaged workbook (.twbx) demonstrating your data structure as well as a description of what you'd like as an end-result would be most beneficial in assuring you get the help you need here.

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                Krish Mukka

                Thank you Dustin!!

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                  Krish Mukka

                  Thank you Jason & Lutton for your kind help. I will go ahead with the suggestions mentioned in your posts and get back to you if I get strukup in any area.