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    Unique Coloring based on measure values across multiple worksheets

    Jackson Consulting



      I'm putting together a workbook that has multiple sheets with similar graphs, although no sheet uses the same measures.  Because all of the sheets use multiple measures on the same axis, I'm hoping to color the values based on their values variable so you can tell when a measure is good (green) or bad (red).  Even though I'm not duplicating any measure across any of my sheets, it looks like Tableau is forcing me to keep the same shading across any sheet that uses Measure Value that as the color criteria (the only way I can figure out how to have multiple coloring criteria on the same sheet).  Since I'm going to be turning this over to another user who will need to update the data frequently, I'm also not going to be able to duplicate the database connection 9 or 10 times to have unique Measure Values variables for each sheet (the only other solution I've seen to this problem).


      Long story short, is there any way to have unique coloring for values using Measure Values (or any other method) for each sheet?


      Thanks in advance,