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    Need to change All to date Range in title when filter ALL is selected.

    Rob Strong

      In this example, I am using the Date Text as a quick filter and in the title. When I select All it (naturally) shows in the Title as All.
      However, what I need it to show is the date range between the min and max dates. (Example Apr 2010 to  Sep 2011]


      Is there away to do this? No is an acceptable answer. Client won't like it, but they will accept it as long as I have tried. I have tried all day and can't make it work.  I'll buy the first round at the Seattle Conference Meet and Greet (I know, I am a BIG Spender) this September to those who come up with a solution.


      Full disclosure: I am  using a copy of a workbook Joe Mako posted that is exceptionally handy except for this one issue.