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    Can't resize some charts wider (or less wide)


      I've gotta admit...Tableau is killing me. Trying to learn all the little quirks it appears to have and I'm not having much luck.

      Here's a basic one. Some of my charts I can position my pointer over the far right edge of the chart and a double arrow appears allowing me to effortlessly make the chart wider or less wide. Amazing.


      On other charts, no matter how carefully I position my pointer, the double arrow doesn't show (and there's nothing in the way on the right that would prevent me from widening the chart). Instead, sometimes it does pop up for a split second and if I drag then, the axis gets changed...not what I'm going for. On some of those charts, there is a mysterious (to me) dotted line down the right side of the chart (see attached) after I try to drag. No idea what this is, but seems to indicate that I'm going to be annoyed if I try to resize the chart.


      Can anyone help out a newbie who is about to pull his hair out?

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