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    Desktop and Server 8.1 64bit Oracle Connnection Issue

    Kevin McCarthy

      Hi all,

      Tableau User for 18 Months - but this is my first post - so be gentle

      Upgraded to Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server 8.1 64bit last week. No issues during the server upgrade process. All went fine or so it seemed. I have a mixture of Published Dashboards - some with Data Connections to SQL Server and some to Oracle. After the upgrade i notice that the Extract Refresh Schedules for the Oracle connections are failing.


      I tried desktop 8.1 and also cannot connect to my Oracle Databases any longer. I installed the 64bit Oracle Drivers from the Tableau Site but still no progress and the error itself is pretty non descriptive.. I can connect directly to the DB using Oracle SQL Developer - so the connection details are definitely not an issue


      Connection Error.png

      Using my previously installed version of desktop (8.0.5) - i can also make the connection to the Oracle DB.


      So - has anyone encountered this issue or have any advice on how i can start to root cause.. ?


      Thanks in advance.