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    How to draw my own line on chart


      This seems like a simple request, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do it.


      I want to draw my own line on a scatter plot from a point on the x-axis straight up (or in any direction for future reference). Is there a way to manually add a line on a chart? Can't seem to find any way to just draw a line.


      Is this something that's not possible in Tableau?




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          Shawn Wallwork

          Jonathan, the answer is yes and no. Tableau is a data visualization software, not a paint program, so no you can't "draw" on your chart like you might in PowerPoint. But you can get Tableau to draw lines by manipulating your data, or manipulating the way you display your data. For instance a line straight up from the X-axis might be doable using a reference line. But to get a line from one point on the x-axis to 'anywhere' you're going to have to give Tableau some data that defines 'anywhere'.


          In Tableau data drives the viz.



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            Johan De Groot

            If you are using a continuous axis you can use a reference line to draw a vertical or horizontal line. The line can be drawn on any kind of aggregation, or a a constant value.


            Another option is available since last week (v8.1): using a transparent picture with a line in it. It will take probably some fiddling, but it should be able to "draw a line" in any direction you want.

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              I upgraded to 8.1 and read about some enhancements to annotations, but can't seem to notice any new features. As someone new to Tableau, I can't believe simple things like "send to back" for a shaded box annotation isn't available.

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                Fair enough...how about this?


                I see how to add a line showing average and that works great. How would I go about doing something similar for another calculation? Let's say I wanted the line to show up at 2% (making up a number), which is a number I selected (i.e., manually placed). Is that possible? Still trying to figure out how to get calculations to work for a single calculation like this.