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    Missing R-squared info from "Describe Trend Model"


      In this article: http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/statistics-finding-correlation


      in step 6 there's a window with some important information including the R-squared value. That's what I'm looking for. However, in my window, which I get when I follow the steps provided, I am missing the entire top portion of the information (everything above "Individual Trend Lines"). I need that data especially the R-squared value, but I can't get it because it's missing. Why the difference in screens? (screenshot of what I see attached)


      Anyone know if this information is still available from somewhere?

      EDIT: I just tried a completely different scatterplot with slightly different x and y axis data sources and the information that was missing is there on these charts. When I go back to the one I had problems with, it's still missing. So, now I guess the question is why it's there for some charts, but not others.







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