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    Creating relationship between 2 excel files

    kavithapriya T


           I created some sample data based on employees.I'm having 2 excel files.


      1.Employee details-Employee_name,Division_id,Department _id,Designation,Grade,Join_date,Email_id,Work_location_id.            

      2.Employee location details-Location id,Name of the location.


      I connected with this 2 files through tableau public.Now i have to create a chart based on employee location wise(i.e.No.of employee with

      in the particular location).

      I tried to create a chart using these 2 files- using edit relationship option.


      My question is:

      I have to create a relationship between (Employee details :location_id--->In tableau data this is a measure) and Employee location

      details:Name of the location--->in tableau this is a dimension).


      Is it possible to create a relationship between these two columns.I need to clarify this question.please help me.