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    Parallel load of hidden Sheet

    Minat Verma

      Hi ,


      I have a requirement where I am bound to use multiple sheet in a single layout-container.

      I show only the relevant sheet based on the parameter value, rest sheets are hidden.


      My question is , does all the Sheet load in parallel?

      Or only the Sheet which is logically true to be shown is only loaded.


      I took a performance test of my Dashboard, and the timeline shows events for all the Sheets in the container (hidden+visible),

      Attached is snapshot of the three sheets filtered out from Performance recorded view .

      Is my inference correct?




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          Joshua Kennedy

          No I do not believe it loads in parallel.  You would need to hit each sheet before switching to the dashboard in order for your load times when going from Display sheet1 > sheet2 using your parameter to be as quick as possible.  Having loaded the sheets before the dashboard will help with this but doesn't solve the issue of Tableau needing to know to load those views ahead of time even when not the actively visible sheet.


          Does that help answer your question?

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