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    What is your experience with Jive Analytics Database?

    Eliza Colon


      I am a newbie to the board but not to Tableau. I have been using Tableau since my public health days back in 2006 (when Tableau was a baby, and its so big now...). Anyway, I am trying to create the processes for one time and monthly maintantence to upload and process the Jive Analytics Database? A partner will be creating the Postgres SQL database. I am specing that this project can take about 50 hours a month from downloading the data, cleaning it, QA, mining it, visualizing it and finally presenting results. Is this too much? It will only be based on Jive database data.


      I would love to hear your thoughts on this.



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Eliza,


          We use the Jive Analytics data base for tracking our community activity. We also have it in a Postgres database. We currently have it set up so that the data is refreshed once a day in the early morning. I've created a couple of vizzes where I connect directly to Postgres itself, but find it easier to create an extract (or incremental extract) to add all the new data. Check out Crow's Nest to see one of our views using Jive data.



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            Eliza Colon

            Thanks Tracey. In your experience setting up the reports in Tableau, what was the average number of table joins you did and did you have to use alot of SQL and even Java Data Objects to execute within Tableau? Also, I noticed some samples on the Jive community that posters also added Java Data Objects within their SQL scripts? Do I need to worry about getting a Java developer or knowing JDO to execute within Tableau?



            As I was trying to map the number of Jive Analytics Database tables, I discovered that I had an average of 17 tables per report. I included:


            • stage
            • parent
            • child
            • indirect
            • direct


            Am I over estimating it?