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    Prevent Automatic Resizing of Bubbles

    Richard Sargeant

      I have a bubble chart in which the bubble size is determined by a discrete variable.  However when I apply a quick filter to that variable, the bubbles automatically resize as I deselect values in the quick filter.  Is there some way to prevent the automatic resizing?  Any thoughts would be very greatly appreciated.  Thanks Richard

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          Alex Kerin

          I don't believe so - the bubbles functionality is less than complete, making them even less useful as a viz style.

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            Jonathan Drummey

            I tend to think of packed bubbles as a hybrid of a pie chart (showing part to whole) and a treemap (showing the size of all the values) that misses the useful parts of both. Instead of having one circle to figure out the area for, we have N circles all in different places, whereas at least with treemaps we have a single rectangle and have a lot more vertical & horizontal guides to go on.


            One thought would be to use a parameter to "white out" circles…I got curious about this and set up an example in the attached. The big problem with this is that the mark isn't truly hidden (if it was actually gone then Tableau would be resizing & repacking the bubbles), so it still generates a tooltip.


            I'm not sure what information you are trying to communicate, there's likely another form of visualization that will get your point across that would work better within Tableau's constraints.



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              Shawn Wallwork

              Just another use case for why parameters should NOT be single-select. (I so had the same idea/approach you took, but didn't think it worth it using single-select parameters.)