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    I don't know everything about Tableau, and neither do YOU! Tell me why.

    Shawn Wallwork

      This 'old-hand' was made to feel like a total Newbie today by my client! Here's the story....


      Many of us have been exploring (trying to understand) the intricacies of 'domain padding' and 'domain completion'. Two topics Joe Mako and Jonathan Drummey have done pioneering work on. [Actually to be more accurate I should say 'many of us have been exploring Joe's and Jonathan's work on this topic trying to understand their findings'.]


      So that was my mindset when my client asked, "Can we show all the bars even if they don't have any data?" I worked on this problem for awhile. I tried IFNULL() and ISNULL() and several other combinations of calculations and table calculations, trying to figure out how I could complete the domain or pad out the data to accomplish the goal. I looked at how to turn on missing values, or show missing values. I worked it from every angle I could thinks of.


      The next morning I came into our morning scrum prepared to admit defeat; I simply couldn't figure out (in this case) how to force Tableau to show data that wasn't there. As this admission was coming out of my mouth, my client interrupted and said: 'Oh we figured that out, all you have to do is go to \Analysis\Table Layout\Show Empty Columns.' Huh? Imagine my embarrassment; this supposed Tableau Expert didn't know about a basic menu option that would do exactly what was wanted.


      Many of us 'old-hands' know a lot; a lot of complex workarounds for common issues; but I suspect there is also a lot we don't know.


      Do you have a "I didn't know that..." tale you're willing to share?




      PS: Needless to say I wrote off the wasted hours I spent trying to solve this problem.